What Habit is Killing Your Success?


What habit has taken its toll on you?

I see you.

You’re frustrated. Pissed off at yourself.

You said you were done with it, you were tired of your patterns, behaviour, and this time it would be different.

But it’s not different.

It’s one in the same and finally, you are fed up!

You know without a doubt that you must make a move.  You must change.

If you stay on this hamster wheel, you’ll never feel satisfied and you’ll never experience any of the magical moments life has in store for you.

So get clear, gorgeous! Today. Right here, right now.

What’s the one habit killing your success?

Is it negativity, gossiping, drama, laziness, procrastination, lying, embellishing, giving into fear, mindless scrolling, wasting time, drinking, over eating, sitting around on the couch doing nothing?


WHATEVER it is it’s gotta go.

You know it and I know it.


You will never step into your full power if you don’t create a new habit.


Ask yourself: What must I eliminate from my life right now? What habit is preventing me from the results I desire? Who am I hanging out with that is not a positive influence on me?


What’s the payoff in staying stuck?  What is this habit doing for you?

If you really want to change your circumstances you must create new habits.


Need help?

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the last seven years of building my empire it’s this 👉🏾 IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD.

How many of you are making life more difficult than it needs to be??

Now be on honest with yourself.  Are you adding to the chaos? Are you sending out low vibes and ultimately not attracting the abundance you’re hungry for?

Do you waste a lot of time doing things with people who are not helping you move forward or closer towards your goals?

These are questions that matter.

Answer them, and shift things up accordingly.

I know all too well what toll it takes on you; on your f*cking soul when you play small.

When you continue to hang out with people who you have completely outgrown; it’s boring as you know what and it leads you nowhere pretty darn fast.

It’s up to you, gorgeous.

It really is.

You can flip the switch and change the script at any given moment.

You can take greater responsibility for your life; for your results, and certainly you can learn how to manage your emotions and energy in a much healthier way.

It’s going to take work.

You’ve created his chaotic life and in some ways it’s not totally your fault.

A lot of the women I work with grew up in chaos, they grew up in a house where everything was a goddamn struggle.

I get it. But you’re not a little girl anymore and it’s okay to drop the struggle once and for all.

If you’re tired of causing your own chaos and you’re ready for more calm, fun, and better results, …


Say with me:
I am no longer available for the struggle. 👊🏾


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If you’re ready to drop the struggle, commit to improving your life and you’re not afraid to take action.

MSG me NOW and let’s discuss this opportunity to change YOUR entire life, gorgeous!


Remember, it’s #PRIMETIMEtoShine ✨

The Power in Ending Shitty Relationships

A few days ago I was writing in my journal all about ending relationships that have been outgrown. As I stared at the ink on the page, I realized that so many people hold on to shitty relationships for fear of not finding other friends, partners, or possibly for fear of having to be alone with themselves.
How sad! I thought.

How unfortunate that people; you, them, whomever, are missing out on expanding your mind, your lifestyle, your income, and most likely your happiness level.

Yes! Your emotional and mental health improves drastically when you cut off toxic relationships.

When you stop being a willing participant. When you assert yourself and say no to people who belittle you, don’t support you, don’t help you when you need it, and are otherwise known as energy vampires.

There’s a huge difference between people who do all that they can no matter how small it seems, or how limited their resources (time / money) are versus the people who take and take and take but never give back.

Get inspired to stand up for yourself.

Wake up! There is power in ending shitty relationships. In saying no. In saying no more.

Friends, partners, biz colleagues, clients, anybody who meets the criteria of your ‘gotta go list’.

I encourage you to make a list of all the things you will no longer tolerate in 2018.
Stick to it.

Value yourself; time, energy, and money.
Spend it wisely.

Don’t sell yourself out and for the love of all things holy, do not apologize for wanting healthy people and relationships in your life.

Ready to stand up, face your fears, and create a life you actually want to wake up to?

17 Things 2017 Taught Me

As I’ve done with any other new year celebration, I reflected on the accomplishments, lessons, and desires fulfilled rounding into yet another adventurous chapter of life.

As I welcome 2018 with huge goals, desires, and complete trust that the Universe has my d*mn back I want to share the 17 things that 2017 taught me.

  1. I am a spiritual badass, always have been, always will be and I fully and completely accept that.
  2. Joining a gym and high-performance program is life-changing on more levels than physical health.
  3. Listen to my intuition. It never ever lies.
  4. I no longer need to carry hurts and heartaches from years gone by. I let them go. Relief!
  5. Having BIG dreams scares all the right people outta my life.
  6. Married life gets better and better every year.
  7. A lot of women groups are still toxic places – say no more than saying yes.
  8. Abundance is my birthright.
  9. Soulmate clients are drawn to me and I to them.
  10. Forgiveness is key and opens the door to much healing.
  11. More isn’t necessarily better. It depends on what the more is….
  12. Loving yourself releases the urge to ‘fit in’ with all the wrong people.
  13. Sacrifices are a part of parenting.
  14. True love is unconditional.
  15. Grief is not healed by time.
  16. Vulnerability is the only way to stand in truth.
  17. I deserve this GREAT PRIMETIME life. 100% and it’s getting BETTER and BETTER and BETTER.

To all of you who have committed to dreaming bigger, living larger, and attracting more hell yes kind of people, things, and money into your life, I cheers to you!  May 2018 be your best year, yet.

So much love,

Christy xo

Step into the Next Level You

There have been some BIG lessons going on for me to learn; third time over, apparently.  Everything you need to learn will repeat itself until you do! FACT! And they say…three’s a charm 😉

Not everyone you start with will go with you.

Let ‘em go. ✨

You can’t do EPIC sh*t with average people.

The friends who don’t support you but expect your time? Bye 👋🏾

The partners who put you and your dreams down. Ciao ✋🏾

The energy vampires who wanna take and take and take. See ya 👋🏾

There’s so much GREATNESS on the other side.

You’re ready, Gorgeous 💕

It’s time.
Take the leap in faith on YOU.
Watch the amazing people + opportunities pour into your life.

Because it’s not supposed to be hard, Gorgeous! 😍

Whoever taught you that pinching pennies living pay cheque to pay cheque was the way “it is” was completely confused.

How about “settling” in a relationship you’ve obviously outgrown, or the self-sabotaging emotional eating you’re hiding…..

Good intentions aside, let’s get real. ☝🏾

If you could sort through your inner sh*t quickly and efficiently – would you?

Do you struggle with money? Did you know that 80% of women who constantly struggle with money have unresolved issues with their fathers?  Is that you?

What about relationship boundaries? 🤔

Are you so ready to move forward and shift your confidence you can literally feel it!?

Want to bust through your INNER blocks once and for all and get back in the driver’s seat of your own d*mn life?

You can be WHO you want / have everything you desire AND laugh | live | love MORE THAN EVER.

Want to?
Let’s go!!


✨Step into the Next Level You✨

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