Why Do You Do It, Gorgeous?

A lot of sensational people have come into my life recently.  And of course they have! I mean, really.  You attract what you are, no exceptions.

You are here because you have a hunger deep within you to be more, to do more, to have more in your life.  A hunger to fulfill your destiny… That, my friend is AMAZING.

When you are so focused on becoming the best you that you can be there will inevitably be delays, distractions, issues, and upsets along the journey.  You have to know, at your core, WHY you do what you do.

It may be a business you are building, a relationship you are focused on improving, a relationship with a child, who knows!!!!!

You must know WHY it is important to you.  You ,must commit 100% to it because if you don’t, you will give up.  You will fall down and not get back up.

You deserve this, to live your best life; you truly do.

Remember, you can have, do, be WHATEVER you believe you can. Yes, you can!



So you’ve set a new goal; it’s bigger than ever and you are ready to go to the next level, baby! Awesome, right!?  The only issue is some people are mocking you, they’re confused why you keep going, why you keep investing money in a coach or program and suddenly you have this feeling in your gut that you’ve gotta get outta there, fast!

And you know full well what I mean when I say you’ve gotta get outta there…there meaning the situation, the coffee date, or the way too awkward dinner experience where people are quizzing you, trying to question your decision and whatever other low vibe BS you’re surrounded by.

So you jump up and say “uhhhhh, I’ve gotta go wash my hair!” Hoping that “they” take the hint.  You refuse to be around people who don’t support you, don’t want to improve their own lives, or…. just don’t get it.

Here’s why, gorgeous!  You’re stepping into WHO you must become to hit those next level goals.

And guess what?  It’s not always easy but it’s necessary.

When you commit to growth and get serious about your success you will raise some eyebrows. 

When you’re hungry for results you’ve got to be so focused…so disciplined…so intentional with your time, your relationships and your money.

Some will laugh at you and some will think you’re a freak —> keep going.

If you wait around wasting time hoping “they” get it….

You’ll bring nothing but frustration into your life. 

And why on earth would a badass biz babe like you ever want to create chaos in your own life??

Your solution: don’t fuel it, don’t fear it, and don’t focus on it.  It’s not up to you to convince other people that what you’re doing is okay. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense to everybody.

Guard your energy.
Keep going.
Move along, gorgeous! 💕



All too often I overhear women complaining about their relationships, their children, their “busy” schedules.  I feel like tapping them on the shoulder to say “Hello!  You’re creating your own life now.”

Whenever you feel like life is not turning out as you would like then remember this: YOU can choose to change it.

Add more love, laugh more often, and start living a life you want.

Every week my husband and I are bringing the heat on our weekly #PRIMETIMELoveHUMPDAYShow

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Where Great Minds Gather

Ten weeks ago I made a decision.  I moved my PRIMETIME HQ to the city of London.  I was debating finding a new space when BOOM! I discovered the wonderful land of innovation.

I had been dreaming bigger and was finally ready to step outside of my comfort zone – I was ready to upgrade my environment and ultimately, my success. My life motto is “if it scares the sh*t outta ya, do it!” So I up leveled my commitment to myself, my clients, and my business.

I can’t even begin to tell you how freaking fantastic I feel about my new office space.  It’s in complete alignment with my vision to host workshops, sip & signs, sell my books and products and connect with high-vibe innovators.

If you’ve ever made a decision that was both exciting and totally out of your norm, then CHEERS to you!

You’ve just taken the first step to making your life even greater.

There’s a lot of magic happening in this space and I can’t wait to share it with you.

With love and laughter,

I welcome you to swing by and enjoy a glass of red to celebrate positive vibes any time!

The #1 Thing You Need

When I hung up from a client call today I was reminded that not every high-achieving badass has the confidence to go ALL in and pursue their goals.


Well, there’s different reasons for each person but clearly it boils down to one factor…..


Confidence isn’t something somebody can give to you or buy for you – no, it’s gotta come from within.
Once you get the awareness to recognize you’re not fully living, and not fully showing up in your life you’ll quickly come to understand that lack of confidence is your issue.

Here’s the great news!
I can help you overcome the doubts, the pesky self-sabotaging ways, and teach you how to get back into the driver’s seat of your own life NOW.

What are you waiting for?
This is your sign.

Step it up.
Reclaim your inner badass.
You can have anything your heart desires IF you believe you can.

Let’s go.
Message me now to start living a life you want.