The #1 Thing You Need

When I hung up from a client call today I was reminded that not every high-achieving badass has the confidence to go ALL in and pursue their goals.


Well, there’s different reasons for each person but clearly it boils down to one factor…..


Confidence isn’t something somebody can give to you or buy for you – no, it’s gotta come from within.
Once you get the awareness to recognize you’re not fully living, and not fully showing up in your life you’ll quickly come to understand that lack of confidence is your issue.

Here’s the great news!
I can help you overcome the doubts, the pesky self-sabotaging ways, and teach you how to get back into the driver’s seat of your own life NOW.

What are you waiting for?
This is your sign.

Step it up.
Reclaim your inner badass.
You can have anything your heart desires IF you believe you can.

Let’s go.
Message me now to start living a life you want.


Be a Boss, Marry a Boss, Build an Empire

Love, health, and happiness, can you really have it all?

Yes, my friend!  You absolutely can.

The primary goal at my company, PCS Inc. is to help you create a life (and business) you actually want to wake up to.  The ways in which I do this amazing work is split between writing books, running my private practice, coaching, and speaking.

In order to have it all (whatever that means to you!) you’ve got to take a long hard look at your life; all areas.

Tune in weekly for my #PRIMETIMEWeeklyHUMPDayShow where my husband, Anthony, and I are keeping it real, raw, and ridiculously entertaining for you.  We’re talking all things marriage / relationships AND building your empire.

You can have it all, we know because we do!

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5 Ugly Truths Why Female Entrepreneurs Fail

There’s no secret when it comes to building a successful and sustainable business. Sometimes, we are bombarded with marketing gimmicks that state “The Secret to…” and well, they intrigue us. Heck, I have used that line in the past. I recognize and stand behind my theory that self-love is the secret; loving yourself leads to building confidence, implementing boundaries, and taking action to create a life you actually want to wake up to.
However, there is no secret, per se. It boils down to making a decision to be great, committing to results, and taking PRIMETIME action in all things.

Learn the five ugly truths why female entrepreneurs are failing in business.
For every problem, I have a solution.

Remember, it’s #PRIMETIMEtoShine

Don’t Do This, Ever!

There’s been a lot of exciting things going on in my world. Like, crazy-hot-exciting things.
In the process of rapidly growing my business, reach, and network I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and gaining clarity around what I really, really, really want to be doing.
I was blessed with the opportunity to speak to several groups of men and women over the last couple of weeks and the powerful experiences have blown my mind.

Now, I’m elevating how I work and with whom I’m working. I have the natural ability to read people. To hone in on what they’re desiring. I work best in a no-fluff zone.

I’m preparing to make a huge shift and to enhance my already very successful company “Primetime”, having greater influence and impact in the lives of millions.

If you want to be successful, on your terms, don’t do this one thing:
Justify why you’re not where you want to be.

Don’t give in to your excuses, your fears, your pesky doubts.

Instead, take action.
Now, today, go!

You can be, do, have whatever you believe you can.
Are you ready to hit that next level?

Need help?
More confidence?

I’ll show you how.

How to Stay The Course When Your Goal Seems Out of Reach

Have you ever made a decision that sometimes felt really difficult to stick to EVEN THOUGH you knew the end result was exactly what you desired??

Same here!

Slaying my workouts this week.
Showing up every single morning no matter how much it hurts ? (not joking!)

These three things will help you reach that next goal when it seems like it’s a lost cause or way out of reach:
1. You must keep showing up
2. Take consistent action
3. Check your attitude

P.S. You’ve got this!!! Own it.

Need someone on your team that “gets it” and can help you keep going; hitting the results you’re after every time?
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It’s #PrimetimetoShine ?✌?