Secret of a ladyboss #1: Staying organized is very sexy (and brings in bank).

Need a new planner? This one might actually make you holler (for zero dollars).

That’s a good gift, gorgeous.

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Hello Gorgeous!

You’re here because you have been called to make a big difference in the world. You’re ready to step up as the leader you were born to be and you want to create the business of your dreams.

You, my fellow Goddess, are in the right place.

I’ve been coaching women just like you for over a decade and I know what it takes to build a profitable business, create the lifestyle you want, have a kickass relationship with your partner, your children, and keep your sanity.

There is so much power in embracing your divine femininity in leadership, business, and lifestyle.

Welcome to the world of fierce and fabulous femmes (aka ladybosses who aren’t apologizing for having their cake and eating it, too.)

Fierce: heartfelt, powerful intensity. 

You love what you do and have an intense desire to reach more clients and have a bigger impact. I will show you how to turn your passion into profits.

Fabulous: extraordinary, amazingly good. 

You own your essence and undeniably have a desire to change the world and your business is how you’re going to do it! I will show you how to turn your ideas into impact.

Femme: women, feminine.

Power and profits don’t require you to be anything but yourself. I will show you how to run a business without losing your femininity – like a ladyboss!

Massive growth is your only option here.

I, Christy Primmer, B.A., R.S.S.W., am the QUEEN of inner game transformation. I unapologetically help smart & ambitious women increase their confidence, connections, and cash flow.

You can have whatever you want in life and in business and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

The women I work with have big goals, big dreams and they’re ready to make them happen.

They unapologetically want more:

• More freedom
• More dollar bills
• More ooohlala pleasure

They want to 86 the self-sabotage, negative self-talk, and self-imposed limitations, the procrastination and excuse making. They’re ready to stare down their fear and show off their ovaries of steel.

No more playing small or apologizing for your desires.

I am the solution for women who want to have everything and more that their heart desires in life and business but feel ‘stuck’ and need help.

Create a FIERCE and FAB life now.