If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a successful business woman it’s that you cannot please everyone, it’s boring to try to, and thank God you don’t.

In my experience, women tend to want to fit the mold when honey, you weren’t born to.

You were born to stand out, you were born for greatness, heck, you were born to be yo’ BADASS self!!!

There’s so many of you living on the edge. 🙃

You’re soooo close to the success you desire but you’re stuck in fear.

Stuck in doubt.

You’ve come to far to quit now, you have so much ahead of you waiting to commit to being WHO you are.

Sometimes that’s the hard part.  It’s not easy to be a leader (albeit, I know no other way of life!) because people usually take on the followers role, it’s a mob mentality at best – the onlookers, you know, the ones with all the complaints and yet take no action…

Wake up!

You’ve got this, gorgeous!

You are a badass. 😍

You are amazing.

You have the skills to pay your bills. 💸💰

Own it.

It’s time.

Say it with me now……

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