The Power in Ending Shitty Relationships

A few days ago I was writing in my journal all about ending relationships that have been outgrown. As I stared at the ink on the page, I realized that so many people hold on to shitty relationships for fear of not finding other friends, partners, or possibly for fear of having to be alone with themselves.
How sad! I thought.

How unfortunate that people; you, them, whomever, are missing out on expanding your mind, your lifestyle, your income, and most likely your happiness level.

Yes! Your emotional and mental health improves drastically when you cut off toxic relationships.

When you stop being a willing participant. When you assert yourself and say no to people who belittle you, don’t support you, don’t help you when you need it, and are otherwise known as energy vampires.

There’s a huge difference between people who do all that they can no matter how small it seems, or how limited their resources (time / money) are versus the people who take and take and take but never give back.

Get inspired to stand up for yourself.

Wake up! There is power in ending shitty relationships. In saying no. In saying no more.

Friends, partners, biz colleagues, clients, anybody who meets the criteria of your ‘gotta go list’.

I encourage you to make a list of all the things you will no longer tolerate in 2018.
Stick to it.

Value yourself; time, energy, and money.
Spend it wisely.

Don’t sell yourself out and for the love of all things holy, do not apologize for wanting healthy people and relationships in your life.

Ready to stand up, face your fears, and create a life you actually want to wake up to?

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