So you’ve set a new goal; it’s bigger than ever and you are ready to go to the next level, baby! Awesome, right!?  The only issue is some people are mocking you, they’re confused why you keep going, why you keep investing money in a coach or program and suddenly you have this feeling in your gut that you’ve gotta get outta there, fast!

And you know full well what I mean when I say you’ve gotta get outta there…there meaning the situation, the coffee date, or the way too awkward dinner experience where people are quizzing you, trying to question your decision and whatever other low vibe BS you’re surrounded by.

So you jump up and say “uhhhhh, I’ve gotta go wash my hair!” Hoping that “they” take the hint.  You refuse to be around people who don’t support you, don’t want to improve their own lives, or…. just don’t get it.

Here’s why, gorgeous!  You’re stepping into WHO you must become to hit those next level goals.

And guess what?  It’s not always easy but it’s necessary.

When you commit to growth and get serious about your success you will raise some eyebrows. 

When you’re hungry for results you’ve got to be so focused…so disciplined…so intentional with your time, your relationships and your money.

Some will laugh at you and some will think you’re a freak —> keep going.

If you wait around wasting time hoping “they” get it….

You’ll bring nothing but frustration into your life. 

And why on earth would a badass biz babe like you ever want to create chaos in your own life??

Your solution: don’t fuel it, don’t fear it, and don’t focus on it.  It’s not up to you to convince other people that what you’re doing is okay. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense to everybody.

Guard your energy.
Keep going.
Move along, gorgeous! 💕


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