What Habit is Killing Your Success?

  What habit has taken its toll on you? I see you. You’re frustrated. Pissed off at yourself. You said you were done with it, you were tired of your patterns, behaviour, and this time it would be different. But it’s not different. It’s one in the same and finally, you are fed up! You […]


If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the last seven years of building my empire it’s this 👉🏾 IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD. How many of you are making life more difficult than it needs to be?? Now be on honest with yourself.  Are you adding to the chaos? Are you sending out low vibes and […]

The Power in Ending Shitty Relationships

A few days ago I was writing in my journal all about ending relationships that have been outgrown. As I stared at the ink on the page, I realized that so many people hold on to shitty relationships for fear of not finding other friends, partners, or possibly for fear of having to be alone […]

17 Things 2017 Taught Me

As I’ve done with any other new year celebration, I reflected on the accomplishments, lessons, and desires fulfilled rounding into yet another adventurous chapter of life. As I welcome 2018 with huge goals, desires, and complete trust that the Universe has my d*mn back I want to share the 17 things that 2017 taught me. […]

Step into the Next Level You

There have been some BIG lessons going on for me to learn; third time over, apparently.  Everything you need to learn will repeat itself until you do! FACT! And they say…three’s a charm 😉 Not everyone you start with will go with you. Let ‘em go. ✨ You can’t do EPIC sh*t with average people. The […]


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a successful business woman it’s that you cannot please everyone, it’s boring to try to, and thank God you don’t. In my experience, women tend to want to fit the mold when honey, you weren’t born to. You were born to stand out, you were […]

4 Reasons You’re NOT Manifesting What You Want

All too often the amazing women I work with talk about their frustrations related to ‘not having what they want yet!’ and so as I live, I teach. The first question I ask these women (you may relate to this) is why haven’t you gotten the results you’re after, yet?  What’s the issue? Their reply…”I […]

Why Do You Do It, Gorgeous?

A lot of sensational people have come into my life recently.  And of course they have! I mean, really.  You attract what you are, no exceptions. You are here because you have a hunger deep within you to be more, to do more, to have more in your life.  A hunger to fulfill your destiny… […]


So you’ve set a new goal; it’s bigger than ever and you are ready to go to the next level, baby! Awesome, right!?  The only issue is some people are mocking you, they’re confused why you keep going, why you keep investing money in a coach or program and suddenly you have this feeling in your gut […]


All too often I overhear women complaining about their relationships, their children, their “busy” schedules.  I feel like tapping them on the shoulder to say “Hello!  You’re creating your own life now.” Whenever you feel like life is not turning out as you would like then remember this: YOU can choose to change it. Add […]