5 Ways to Maintain Mental Wellness

There’s a surge of innovative coaching on the rise and its focus is on mindset and having everything you want in life. Although this is awesome and necessary there’s nothing more insulting than having someone who says they can help you achieve that which they have not themselves achieved. There’s far more to having a healthy mindset which includes taking care of yourself in a holistic manner. Focusing on creating mental wellness allows you to develop and continue to enhance a growth mindset.

In my (nearly two decades) of hands on experience working in the social services field I have had the privilege of succeeding in helping others change their mental focus through the power in words and thoughts. Through speaking, counselling, coaching and writing I’m on a mission to help millions of people discover the real secret to success “loving yourself” I’ve put together a list of five daily activities you can do to improve your mental wellness and ultimately, your life.

When you love yourself at your core you make yourself and your health top priority.
1. Speak kindly to and about yourself.
Check your self-talk and catch yourself when you are being negative and re-frame the thought immediately. Celebrate all the things you like about yourself and be grateful for everything you have. Start with breathing air if that’s the best you can do. Start somewhere and make it a new habit.

2. Listen to motivational and inspiring audios every day and watch videos that encourage you to be great.
Five to twenty minutes of positive words will help you gain mental clarity and focus on the blessings in your life. Get inspired to be the best version of yourself. Dream as big as you can and know that anything is possible.
Spend fifteen to twenty minutes every day feeding your mind with positive visual stimulation.
There are so many opportunities to watch empowering videos online –Youtube, Facebook Livestreams, etc. Find a mentor who motivates you and tune in – it’s a far better way to fuel your mind then playing video games or watching television for hours.

3. Exercise, eat well and get enough sleep.
Get active. Move your body. Fuel your mind through proper nutrition. If you haven’t been active for a long time then start with a ten or fifteen minute walk. Do something. Also, hydrate your body – drink water every day. Adequate sleep is vital to your health and will impact your mood and energy level. The healthiest and most successful people I know are in great shape physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally.

4. Read books. Fuel your mind with positive and powerful information.
Your mind is like a muscle and it must be fed regularly to stay strong. Reading your social media tweets or posts doesn’t count. There is nothing more beneficial than sitting quietly and reading – do this for at least twenty to thirty minutes a day.

5. Upgrade your circle.
Who are you being influenced by? Evaluate who you’re hanging out with and choose wisely. There is power in your environment and your friends or business associates are impacting your well-being. Surround yourself with ambitious, healthy, positive and energetic people.
Bonus tip: Journal. Start writing down ten things you’re grateful for every morning and night. The power of gratitude will change your life and improve your mental health beyond imagination.

Want to learn more about the power of words and thoughts and how they can change your life?

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