Land Speaking Gigs Even If You’re New To The Industry

You’ve got a message to share and you’re ready to tell the world.

You want to find the gigs and secure the spot on stages far and wide.

Here’s the catch, event planners care about how you’ll impact their audience.

It’s not about you, really.

You can have the most well rehearsed talk in the world but if you’re not getting noticed – you’re not getting booked.

So how do you get booked when you’re new on the scene?

  1. Start attending conferences and connect with other speakers.
  2. Talk to event planners and decision makers you meet at events and share how you’ve benefited.
  3. Follow up with those event planners with an interest to learn about upcoming events they’ll be organizing.
  4. Shamelessly self-promote your talk to your network.
  5. Organize your own event.
  6. Say yes to FREE talks – gain exposure and experience (nothing is ever free – if you do it right you’ll grow your skills and your followers)
  7. Bonus** Record your talks – small and large they all fuel your experience and build your presence off and online.

There are so many ways to get noticed it’s not even funny.  You’ve got to get over yourself and start interacting on purpose with others.  You don’t need to feel intimidated by speakers who are making the big bucks right now – if you persevere your time will come.

Every opportunity to gain exposure in a positive environment is your ticket to more influence.  The more influence you have the more speaking gigs you’ll land. Don’t miss out. Start connecting on purpose and put yourself out there.

Remember, it’s PRIMETIME to shine!


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