Boundaries, one of my favourite topics to talk about on and off line.  Why?  Because establishing and implementing boundaries in all relationships both personal and professional has changed my life.

Do you evaluate your boundaries – you know – the lines that you don’t cross or allow to be crossed by others?

The holiday season has become one of my favourite times to really tighten up my boundaries.

It’s a lot of fun to be around family and friends but let’s be honest here, sometimes we have to keep our distance or plug our ears when we’re hanging out by the family punch bowl or celebrating with others who may or may not have any concept of boundaries.


I’ve spoken at several seminars/events about boundaries.

Because they are vital to your health and success in life and in business.

Here are 3 signs you need to implement boundaries:

  1. You resent all the times your family or friends call you for FREE advice.
  2. You have no clue why people constantly take advantage of you, your time or your money.
  3. You struggle to say no because you want to be the nice one out of the bunch.

Boundaries are an important part of your sense of self – you know that other topic I love talking about ‘self-awareness’.  You’ve got to know what your limits are – what you will and won’t tolerate from yourself and others.

If you don’t know what you stand for you’ll never have the clarity you need to live life on your terms.  That’s the goal, right?

Think about why you resent being asked for FREE advice all the time and put some parameters around it.  Expect resistance from the people who chronically expect you to give and give and give but be consistent in saying no or setting limits.  You’re teaching people how to treat you.

Say no when you want to without justifying why or apologizing because let’s face it – no is a complete sentence.

Stop lending money to the people who never pay you back.  Period.  Figure out how much time, energy and money you’ll give away freely before you can’t give anymore.  Own your decisions.  Implement your boundaries.

Accept that you were born for greatness and get on with being great.  Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay.  Besides, being nice to please others is a very expensive bill to pay when it comes to your own mental, emotional and physical health.

Respect yourself, your time and other people and their time as well but stop doing anything that doesn’t feel right or isn’t in alignment with your values.  Boundaries will save your life.

Cheers to all of you implementing more boundaries this year!

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