I have been saying this for years.
Some people get it and others are being mislead.

By who?
I don’t know.

Listen, I love helping people hone in on their signature talks.
Their powerful presentations.
Owning their message.

It’s super important. You need to have clarity around your message. You’ve got to say something worth hearing.
No doubt about it BUT it’s not the be all end all of your speaking career.

I can almost hear you saying “Yes it is!”

No. It’s not.

If you don’t know how to position yourself in the speaking industry or how to market your message.

You’re doomed.

Earlier I wrote about effective networking. It’s vital to your success.
(If you missed that post – you can read it on my FB page.)

It’s a lethal combo – powerful message + marketing.

Check yourself before you trip yourself getting to the stage.

Don’t hold back in making your wish your reality.
Reach out to the people who can help you get noticed and get booked.
You’re looking at a speaking superstar’s blog right now.

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