It’s a beautiful day to celebrate the miracles in my life; there have been many.

Today, in particular, I’m humbled.

I’m a very successful, creative, and fast-moving woman and although life is an amazing adventure it wasn’t always that way.

Today, and every day really, I reflect on how grateful I am to be a mother.  It’s seriously my favourite title.

I’ve had a lot of different titles given to me.


Revolutionary speaker.

Best-Selling author.

Sexy woman.





Too ambitious.



I wear a lot of hats – perhaps all of the above?

I’ve worked my tail off and possess much education which has opened up so many abundant opportunities for me. Throughout my career I’ve been extremely blessed to ride some high waves and to face obstacles which allowed me to grow; as a woman, as a leader, and ultimately as a mother.

There is nothing more important to me in this world than my son.

I thank God every day for blessing me with a child; numerous challenges were waiting for me in the moments leading up to being a Mom and change was the only certainty on my immediate journey.

When I think about all that I have accomplished in my life; I’m truly humbled to have been given such an incredibly amazing, intelligent, kind, and creative son to raise.

He is the most precious person – our relationship is amazing.

I’d never loved until I became a mother.

I’ve learned what unconditional really means.


I’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes in my life.

I’ve hurt.

I’ve lost.

I’ve been knocked down.

I always get back up.

Because of that, he will too.

I use a variety of those lessons to raise my son to be the man he desires to be.

I love hearing his voice call out for me.

There is nothing better.

He is:

My favourite responsibility.

My favourite person in the world.

The one whose smile can bring tears to my eye and soften my heart.

My true love; my angel.

Mom, my favourite title.

Everything I do, is to lead the way for him to shine brighter than ever.

The freedom in owning my own company allows me to be a present mother.

Time with him is what it’s all about.

I value every minute I have with him and never miss an opportunity to tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him.

He’s overcome so many different obstacles at such a young age; most wouldn’t be able to.

I’ve grown so much as a woman and in my ability to trust that things always work out as they’re meant to as a result of having him in my life and our journey together.

My only wish is that he takes his faith with him for life; that he lives life on his terms, doing what he wants with who he wants and remembers he is worthy, always.

Thankful doesn’t begin to explain how I feel about being privileged to teach my ‘mini-me’ what the real purpose of life is all about — to live large, to laugh often, and to love much.


Cheers to all the Momma’s out there!!!

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