16 Ways 2016 Changed My Life


2016 was a stellar year for me and my company, Primetime Consulting Services Inc.  I have completely transformed myself on so many levels. I took risks like never before. I wanted to share some highlights with you.

  1. I wrote and published my very first (of many) solo book, PRIMETIME Success.
  2. I incorporated my business.
  3. I worked with first class clients and helped them get AMAZING results!
  4. I followed through on a crazy epic idea to host an event #BuildYourEmpire2016 hiring online sensations and invested a shit ton of money and lost a shit ton of money. The fact that I didn’t cave (believe me, I nearly did) makes me very, very proud of myself.
  5. I hired two extraordinary new Team members.
  6. I volunteered over 600 hours of my time for charities I support and believe in.
  7. I made a firm decision about HOW I’ll be moving forward in my business.
  8. I said NO more than I said YES. It felt great!
  9. I spoke at conferences across the country.
  10. I started a weekly HUMP Day Segment on Facebook to help men and women improve the quality of their relationships while building a business they love.
  11. I was featured on radio shows and podcasts with hosts that kick serious a**.
  12. I increased and up-leveled my circle of influence.
  13. I drastically increased my income.
  14. I enjoyed several vacations with my husband and son.
  15. I committed to yoga and exercise.
  16. I expanded my network in so many new ways.

There are other experiences that I have learned and grown from but these take the cake. It’s amazing to look back on this year because there were many moments along the twelve months that were significant in my development as a woman, as a mother, as a wife and as a successful business woman. I can’t even wait to see what 2017 has for me!!

Remember, it’s #PRIMETIME to shine!
Shine brighter than ever.

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