A lot of people ask me how is it that I get booked so frequently for speaking events?

Aside from the truth; I’m an incredible speaker – I’m also a powerful networker.  I believe in creating genuine relationships.  I believe in following through and doing what I say I’ll do.  Building trust as a speaker is no different than any other business.  I’m known for over-delivering no matter what event I’m speaking at and as a result of that I’m often asked to speak both on and off line.

I’ve put together five effective steps you can take immediately to get more speaking gigs.

  1. Ask for referrals from event planners who’ve hired you.
  2. Speak at networking events.  Let people see you in action – this is better than any video clip you can put up on your website or send an event organizer.
  3. Apply to speak online and offline — use your researching skills.  Ask people you know if they know of any upcoming events or opportunities you can apply to be the featured speaker at.  Google events in your area – or go even bigger and search the Net far and wide.  Also, use the opportunity to post in Facebook groups – ask if anyone is looking for speakers for their upcoming webinars, Telesummits, Podcasts, Radio shows, etc.  If you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  4. Promote yourself, shamelessly – share videos you’ve made (they don’t have to be professionally done), post some testimonials, images of you at events, share your message and your passion everywhere online.  It’s free.  When you’re talking with colleagues, let them know what you love to speak about and ask them to keep you in mind for any opportunities.
  5. Host your own event and deliver such value that attendees book you to speak at theirs.

I have so many different ideas to help people Get Noticed. Get Booked.

If you’re serious about becoming a highly sought after speaker – you’ve got to act like one.  There is no cookie cutter – one size fits all approach.  You’ve got to be ready to put yourself out there.  A powerful talk is only one piece of the speaking puzzle.

Ready to up your game and become an unforgettable voice in the industry? Let’s chat.

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