I posted the other day on my Facebook page about the question “What do you do?” being asked a lot.

I get it – to some it may seem odd that I have more than one thing going on in my business.
To me, it’s normal.

I could not even begin to imagine doing one thing day in and day out.

What’s that saying?
Different strokes for different folks? Yes, that’s it.

Today in this moment I’ve taken a break from my writing to tell you (all of you) to stop putting yourselves in a box. Stop trying to fight your desires and get to work on building your life and your business your way.

I have been talking with so many amazing people who want to either:
a) start a business
b) grow their business.

The thing that keeps rearing its ugly head is the myth that you’ve got to do one thing. One thing only and do it really well.

Makes sense to some but really, if the intention is to create a life you want (a business to fit your life!) then why the heck would you not incorporate all that you want to???

Are you seriously telling me you’re only really good at one thing??


It makes absolutely NO sense to me.

You can build your successful business anyway you want.

How do I know this to be true?

I’ve done it.
I’m doing it.

I’ve created my business to generate positive change in the world.
I do that through speaking, running my private practice, coaching women entrepreneurs, writing poetry and best-selling books.

The more real you are in what you do the better the results. Guaranteed.

So get out of that nasty box you keep trying to fit in.

You can’t.
You weren’t born to be a carbon copy, baby.

You’re supposed to design your life and business on your terms in order to really love your life.

That’s the whole point.
Isn’t it?

If you’re worried about appearing scattered or that you’ll confuse potential clients GET OVER IT.

The people you’re meant to serve will get it.
You’ll be more content and able to create and deliver at your optimal level.

Throw that box away, honey.

P.S. Think you’ve got to do it alone? You don’t. I’m working with women across the globe who are stepping up and owning their greatness. Ready to break up with your lame excuses and confusion and take action?

Join my PRIMETIME Revolution Community – you won’t regret it and there’s no obligation to stay BUT you’ll want to, I know it!


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