3 Ways to Use Speaking to Grow Your Business

When clients come to me and tell me they feel stuck in their marketing approach I always ask them if they’re speaking.  I don’t care if you speak at a library or if you are front and center at a huge conference — speaking is one the most effective ways to be recognized as a leader, make an impact and grow your business.

Here are three ways to use speaking to grow your business.

  1. Produce videos of you speaking about your area of expertise and things you’re passionate about.  This will highlight your knowledge and also attract your kind of people to you.  This is useful both on and off line.
  2. Host a mastermind. Every speaking gig you host or speak at advances your reputation and builds confidence as the more you speak the better you’ll get at it and the more practice you have the more exposure you also have.  Think outside the box here.
  3. Grow your network and client reach.  Put yourself out there and participate in online telesummits as an expert in your field, gain exposure by bringing attention to yourself and shine light on your message.  The more people you know the greater reach you will have and the more opportunities you’ll have to make a difference in this world.

Whether you have experience or not, speaking is a surefire way to grow your business and expand your network. What will you start today?


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