7 People Who Are Always Broke

Do you ever feel like you can’t get ahead, financially?

I’ve been working in the social services field for nearly two decades — I’ve identified traits, habits and behaviours that keep people broke and struggling. Your quality of life is significantly impacted when you are always worried about money. I’ve learned the hard way several times how not to waste money. I want to live an abundant life; that includes financial freedom.

There are so many opportunities to create a healthier lifestyle if you choose to. There is always the option to choose not to but why on earth would anybody want to be broke, lonely, and miserable on purpose? Here is a list of seven people who are always broke and why. My intention is that you’ll read through the list and IF you identify with any of these traits you will choose to act differently.

1. People who try to keep up with everybody else.
If you willingly choose to create debt for yourself to look like you’re rich – you are going to suffer unnecessarily. Stop trying to convince others you have money and actually work for it. The latest gadget or coach purse won’t get you there. Remember, money serves a purpose and if you don’t have any you will suffer.

2. People who don’t have a budget or spending plan.
If you are clueless when it comes to where your money is going or what bills are due – you are in a messy situation. If you don’t write down your incoming and outgoing expenses or have no money goals, you are not prepared for the future. It’s important to kn0ow what your money situation is and behave accordingly.

3. People who don’t pay their bills on time.
See above. Late payments drain your bank account because of the added interest which accumulates quickly. Think credit cards, hydro bills, mortgage, rent, etc. There is always an additional fee involved and your credit ratings will drop like it’s hot. Not a great idea to get behind in your payments for numerous reasons – if you’re really in a pinch take the responsible route and call the company and make a payment arrangement.

4. People who have zero desire to succeed.
If you don’t care about your overall success, or money circumstance then welcome to a desperate life full of frustration, lack, and negativity. That sounds harsh but it’s true. If you truly do not want to be successful (whatever that means to you) and have the ability to enjoy financial freedom then you’ll seriously have to cut your losses. That means: accept you don’t want to be greater than you are and live accordingly. It’s difficult to drive or buy groceries when you can’t afford insurance let alone the gas to get the store.

5. People who are unsatisfied in life.
See above – it’s important to choose intentionally how you want to live.
If you’re unsatisfied in your life you’re at higher risk of impulsive (retail therapy) spending patterns. Usually, people who feel disconnected or unhappy in their lives will find ways to fill the void and a lot of times that involves poor choices about spending money. Just don’t. Refer to number one, too.

6. People who don’t have any savings.
Okay, I respect that people view money differently – some of us have great investments and some of us choose to not invest or put money aside. That’s fine – what I’m talking about here is losing track of money, not having any back up option if there is an unexpected happening such as needing to repair your leaky roof, fix a flat tire, emergency dental surgery, etc.
If you blow your entire pay cheque before it’s in your bank account – you’re setting yourself up to be broke and struggling. You’ll be at -$.00 very quickly and like they say, you can’t get blood from a stone. Reframe how you think about savings and the purpose in having money to live.

7. People who care way too much.
I’m all about giving to charities. I have several that I donate to. However, your compassion will severely injure your bank account if you constantly give to others before you give to yourself. You must take care of yourself financially – yes, giving is an amazing feeling but how can you give with sincerity and love if you resent money or don’t take responsibility for you and your needs. If money is tight, give your time instead of financial donations until you can securely give without bouncing your mortgage payment.

History will repeat itself UNTIL you actively change. You have a right to be blessed financially, we all do. You must take responsibility for your life; financial health is important.

Remember, its PRIMETIME to shine!

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