Along the path to much success you will face many ups and downs – it is a part of your growth experience.  It is inevitable no matter who you are or how much status you think you have. Things may be going extremely well and BOOM a curve-ball is thrown at you and suddenly things aren’t feeling so hot!  So what do you do? How will you get out of the funk you’re in? You must commit to doing things differently.

In my work with high achieving women I constantly hear things like “What do I do next? I feel confused” “I’m not sleeping well” “I feel so anxious, not myself” and so forth.  It’s a great thing when women seek help and are honest about their struggles; we all need someone sometimes. What I have noticed is there are three ways to get yourself out of a funk quickly if you commit to change.  The most important thing to remember is the funk will pass – and you don’t have to feel guilty about feeling frustrated or down.  You owe it to yourself and your dreams to take action.

3 Ways to get out of a funk:

  1. Stop dwelling on the issue – acknowledge what put you in the funk and decide to stop focusing on it.  There is no hope rehashing or replaying whatever-it-is because that will only keep you stuck.  Let it go. Detoxify your emotional connection to it.
  2. Be aware of your self-talk.  Every time you catch yourself thinking a sour thought shift it immediately with a powerful thought while smiling.  You may not feel like smiling but make yourself.  A huge grin changes your mood instantly – try it now. You must be mindful of what you’re thinking and how your thoughts are affecting you. Also, pay attention to who you’re hanging out with and how they impact you.
  3. Do something for yourself – I’m talking self-care here.  Treat yourself to a ME day and pamper yourself with love and kindness. Release the negative vibes you’ve been carrying around with you.  Learn, Live and Let go ~ Play audios or videos of your most favourite motivator.  Be still and stay in the moment.  If you start to notice your mind wandering to how you have been thinking STOP – visualize a stop sign and immediately say “I am competent and capable” “I am attracting amazing opportunities” “I am ready for positive change” or whatever you choose to say but it must be positive.

If you do these three things and you’re still struggling  repeat them over and over again.  You have a vision to fulfill – you need to be healthy mind ~ body ~ soul to make your wish your reality.


P.S. It’s PRIMETIME to shine!

You know you were born to shine bright, gorgeous!  Get glowing.

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