Love notes for Christy

Stephania Willson, Coach, Author, Wellness Warrior

“I’m one hundred percent changed. From the inside out. Coaching with Christy for a 90 day run overhauled not only my business but my life. My marriage is better. My parenting is better. My income has more than tripled. Thank you for being the guide and mentor I needed. More importantly, thank you for kicking my ass into serious alignment!”

Victoria Baird, Image Consultant & Speaker

“Seriously having dozens of AHA moments and clarity after my 1 hr intensive with you! Not only that, I am outlining and taking action. Thank you for your insights Christy Primmer a fresh perspective and approach!”

Karen Callies, Marketing Expert

“Just finished a coaching session with Christy called “Fearless” – I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for new ideas and growth. Thank you Christy for helping us women better ourselves, you are one in a million!”

Louise, Florida, USA

“I’ve purchased and read your book “Primetime Success” and am very impressed with your straightforward uplifting approach to life and the positive commitment that you stand for.”

Jonathan Scott, Sales Master, Toronto, ON

“Christy provided professional consulting services for my sales company. She was always punctual and full of energy. The team exercises Christy facilitated have drastically improved morale and profits have gone up 200%. If you’re looking for a consultant who brings wisdom, creative solutions, and strategies that work, I highly recommend Christy Primmer.”

Michelle Smyth, Wellness Expert Toronto, ON

“Christy helped me in so many ways I cannot thank her enough.  She totally cut through my BS mindset blocks and held me accountable to crush my goals. Christy taught me how to take control of my life, work through my anxiety, and manage my time in a way that works for me.  If you want results, hire her. I feel better, I look better, and my income has increased 75% already.”

Laura Cicchini, Holistic Nutrition Coach ZenBeach Wellness Sarnia, ON

“It’s imperative for me to have a successful mentor who has been through it. Christy has helped me with confidence building, online business knowledge, and help with developing programs.”

Rowena List, Professional, British Columbia

“Had a call with Christy. Her knowledge and expertise in supporting women is priceless. Thank you, Christy, for your pearls of wisdom.”

Coral Mujaes, Writer. Speaker. Blogger. Mexico

Working with Christy was incredible.  She guided me on how to create a one-sheet that sells.  What I loved even more was the support I felt.  She believed in my message and my voice. That’s something invaluable when you hire someone to help you build your career. Christy also gave amazing ideas and feedback.”

Jane Smith, Healer & Coach, Toronto, Canada

“The moment I met Christy she was speaking at a conference and I knew I had to hire her.  Get Noticed. Get Booked. Get Paid. has taken my speaking business to another level.  I gained so much from investing in this coaching.  I am currently booking five months out. If you want the best, hire Christy. She knows speaking.”

Amanda Rae, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Talking with Christy is an amazingly energetic experience. Her overflowing positivity is truly contagious. She encourages you to take a step, and breaking it down to a point you’re comfortable at. You know exactly where you stand with her, and I applaud her transparency. Nothing but love for her!”

Caitlin Ariah Lee, Carmel, Indiana

“I am so blessed that I gave myself the honor to work with Christy and join “Primetime Pearls”. My life AND my business are flourishing because of her. The support, dedication, womanly bonds and wisdom of this group is absolutely priceless!”

Melanie T., Sarnia, ON

“The thought of hiring a coach eluded me for a long while because I didn’t fully understand what that truly meant. After my initial consult with Christy it was clear to me that she was the coach for me. I created my own unique customized package to fit my needs. Christy was very energetic, inspirational, and extremely wise. Christy has a keen sense of intuition and was able to see through my behaviour. I have been able to take away more than what I originally had thought; I possess more confidence, boundaries within my career and personal relationships, and trust my judgment. I will be forever grateful that I chose to work with Christy. She is beautiful inside and out and has opened up more opportunities for me than ever imagined. With sincerity, thank you!”

Sabrina Scott, Retail Manager, London, ON

“I am ecstatic to write a testimonial for Christy. I discovered her through a blog post and the rest is history (or perhaps the beginning!). I hired Christy and booked sessions through the Clarity + Action package. I really don’t know why I waited so long to take responsibility for my own life but I finally have. In our first session, Christy posed questions that I had never thought of and I was able to become very clear on what I’m really seeking from life right now. Our action session was packed full of marvelous strategies and steps that make sense. Christy kept track of our discussion and created my personalized action plan. I am thankful for our time together and very pleased with my results. Thank you very much!”

Mary L. Bank Teller, Sarnia, ON

“I have battled low self-esteem for most of my life. At the age of 43 I decided it was time to make some significant changes in my life. A friend of mine had worked with Christy before and highly recommended her. The moment we connected my life changed. Christy, your energy is extremely positive. You are so compassionate and gentle. You helped me work through the loss of two relationships and past sexual abuse. I feel more confident and in control of myself and my feelings. I have learned how to manage my emotions and set boundaries in relationships. I have seen improvement in my professional life as well. I cannot thank you enough. I no longer struggle with anxiety. You helped me more in three months then a year of therapy did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Meghan F., Syracuse, New York

“When I stumbled upon Christy’s Facebook business page I landed on the path to health. After our brief intro-call I decided to hire her for six months. What has happened in these six months has changed my life. I am balanced and focused on my business goals and have increased my self-confidence 100%. I am proud of who I am and what I am doing. I achieved all of my established goals and have become crystal clear on the necessary boundaries I must have in my relationships; both personal and professional. Thank you Christy for all that you have helped me with. Your gentle accountability nudges have taken me from mediocre to smashing!!!”

Sam Brownt, Independence Coach, British Columbia

“I discovered Christy and her business through a Facebook group. I followed her business page for a while and read through her published articles and blog and decided to hire her on the spot. I was a bit squeamish with the idea of being coached because I am one…but am I ever thankful that I hired her. Through a few sessions and intense focus I have already achieved one of my two goals. Christy is amazing at highlighting the under-the-surface issues and worked with me at my level of understanding. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to anyone who needs to boost their self-esteem in order to improve all areas of their lives. A huge hug and thank you to you, Christy. You have earned my trust and respect!”

Claire M. Sales Manager, Toronto, ON

“I met Christy at a seminar she was presenting at in Toronto. I felt an immediate connection to what she was saying and her gentle approach. Although working with Christy included some serious accountability and lots of work; it has changed my entire life. When I hired Christy to coach me I was feeling lost and uncertain of where I wanted to go next in my life. I had just ended a very abusive relationship and needed to find my purpose. Christy was extremely helpful because she challenged me to answer questions that I’d never imagined. She held me accountable and as a result I did my homework, I implemented necessary boundaries and I was able to pinpoint what I truly wanted out of life. It is my recommendation that anyone feeling lost or unsure of their future work with Christy. Thank you for being a life-changer for me.”

Veona Drennan, B.Sc., RMP...Sarnia, ON

“I have been seeing Christy Primmer for debilitating stress from the many losses in my life for almost a year. At the time I was overwhelmed, dysfunctional, and felt paranoid, hopeless, and panicky which resulted in many physical symptoms of concern for me. She explained that the adrenal rush from anxiety caused the hot surges and put my mind at ease. She offered many coping tips, strategies for dealing with difficult people and was supportive and compassionate at all times. Her professionalism and knowledge was instrumental in bringing balance, peace, happiness and hope back into my life. I am truly thankful and would highly recommend Christy to anyone going through an emotional crisis.”

Nancy Kirkham, Arbonne International Sarnia, ON

“Christy is someone who I highly recommend not only for her professionalism and talent but for the caring and loving side to her as well. She ultimately wants to see you succeed and if you put into practice what she gleans are your weakness you will see results! She is so brilliant at attacking what the root of the problem is. Through thought provoking life and business questions she can help you decipher where you struggle and why. Sometimes it isn’t evident until you sit down and have a power hour with her. I love the tips and tools she has given me and I still put them into practice. I love how genuinely she cares for each individual she coaches. My experience with her has been positive, solution achieving and A++.”

Janice, District Manager, London, ON

“Through one to one sessions, accountability work and numerous homework exercises, Christy has helped me grow my business from $500 a month to $2800 in a very short period of time. I had no clue that my self-dialogue was preventing me from being successful in both my personal and professional lives. Christy was confident in her approach to identifying my barriers and worked with me in a way that fit my schedule and needs. I am proud of how far I have come in six months and am looking forward to the future. Thank you for teaching me how to get focused and set realistic goals, Christy.”

Naomi, California

“Thank you so much for taking time to dig through my issues. You have helped me clarify what I truly value and I have a clearer vision of what my priorities are with my well-being. I have given my notice at work where I felt disrespected and have said goodbye to the guy who I was dating who did not have time to pay attention to me. Now I am open to accepting a new job, new people in my life and I am once again feeling like my old self. Thank you for giving me courage and direction.”

Mary K. Sarnia, ON

I am pleased to write a thank you testimonial for Christy at PCS.  I have developed a healthier self-esteem and have had the courage to pursue my business goals.  I found the accountability that I needed and am grateful for the success and positive results that I have attained since working with Christy.  I am focused and more balanced in my daily life and as a result I have the energy to continue building my business.  Thank you.”

Marissa P, Senior Analyst, MyTime

“It is my pleasure to recommend Christy to anyone seeking the utmost professionalism, compassion and efficiency. Christy provided excellent insight into a work related situation, requiring professional advice and responsibility. Christy is approachable, extremely intelligent and follows through on what she says she will do. I had very positive experiences with Christy throughout my involvement with PCS. On a more personal note, I have also sought the coaching offered by Christy and have never been more focused and successful! I highly recommend you choose PCS if you are looking for the best.”

Lianne T. London, ON

“Our unique workplace offers support to men living with limited verbal communication, and Christy has excelled at using augmented communication techniques to effectively support the gentlemen through conflict resolution and cooperative learning activities. In addition to her skills in facilitation, Christy brings her own great energy into the workplace. While she can be relied on for her professionalism and maturity when following our agency’s protocols, she has come to us with her own creative ideas and is always ready to make suggestions to our team. Thank you Christy for your time and sensitivity to the issues we were dealing with. If necessary, we will definitely call on you in the future.”

Zain Alglaieny Sarnia, ON

“Christy is highly professional and dedicated to her  work.  You can go to her for advice, she’s very friendly and very knowledgeable, I highly recommend her.”