Secret of a ladyboss: Staying organized is very sexy (and brings in bank). Need a new planner? This one might actually make you holler (for zero dollars). That’s a good gift, gorgeous.

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Results matter to you as much as your next breath: they’re necessary, a part of why you stay alive.

You’ve played the game and done the work, only to find your next goal brings up some of the same exhausting hurdles as the last go around. So you sit and question whether or not to move forward, trying to decide if you can really tackle another round of whatever-it-is.

Ready for a truth bomb?

You might be at a new level, but your self-sabotaging behaviour is still strangling your dreams.

Maybe you want more success.

Perhaps your purpose is bigger than you anticipated, and you don’t have the strategy to get to the top.

You want to impact millions, have the life and business of your dreams, and you know your worth so you’re not willing to negotiate.

Life on your terms isn’t a luxury, it’s a legacy. You’ve got the guts to uncompromisingly go after everything you want.

Hungry women? Grab a plate and take a seat.
I’m the leader who brings the heat.

I’m Christy, a mindset and speaking mentor who helps women identify and ditch their self-sabotaging behaviour, do the work, regain self-awareness and start giving zero d*mns about what everyone else thinks.

Because your belief in yourself is all that matters.

You can have whatever you want in life and in business and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

The women I coach have big wishes, big dreams and they’re ready to make them happen.

They unapologetically want more:

• More freedom
• More dollar bills
• More ooohlala pleasure

They want to 86 the self-sabotage, negative self-talk, and self-imposed limitations, the procrastination and excuse making. They’re ready to stare down their fear and show off their ovaries of steel.

No more wishing, hoping and crossing fingers.

I am the solution for women who want to use their voices to earn big money and toss mindset blocks into the garbage with the rest of the junk they’ve overcome.

Ready to leverage your skills and go to the next level of success?


Girlfriend, I’ve got you.

Welcome to the moment you make your wishes your reality.

Let’s get started already.